What can businesses do to help end modern slavery?

August 29, 2016

Linda Kromjong, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), explains why the IOE is fully committed to eradicating forced labour in all its forms and what businesses can do to help.


Modern slavery is a huge business. An ILO study found that it generates annual profits of over US$ 150 billion, which is as much as the combined profits of the four most profitable companies in the world.

“What is significant is that we recognize that this is an issue that we, as employers, need to tackle together. Addressing the topic – actively naming it. Saying it’s still an issue,“ says Linda Kromjong.

Employers’ representatives voted with an overwhelming majority for the adoption of the ILO’s Forced Labour Protocol in 2014. The IOE together with the ILO has also produced a handbook for employers and business to address the risk of forced labour and human trafficking in their operations and in global supply chains.

In this video interview, Kromjong explains what measures employers can take to reduce and eradicate forced labour in their businesses.