Their photos, their stories

July 30, 2016

Deprived of liberty, working in inhumane conditions, suffering violence. These photos bear witness to harrowing stories of human trafficking. They were taken by men and women who had previously been trafficked into forced labour in Belgium, and who now live in safety at PAG-ASA, a shelter in Brussels, Belgium. PAG-ASA provides legal, administrative and psychosocial support to victims of human trafficking.

Photo: ©PAG-ASA, Massimo Timos


These images were featured at an exhibition to mark the launch of the 50 for Freedom campaign at the European Parliament.

Sixty-four Members of Parliament from 24 European Union member States have signed up to show their support for the campaign and for the Forced Labour Protocol, which aims to help end modern slavery for good.

“Photo-Voice” Photography exhibition by victims of human trafficking

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