How can you help end modern slavery?

September 6, 2015

Everybody has a part to play in the fight to end modern slavery. Join the 50 for Freedom Campaign and find out what you can do, online and in your community, to make a difference.


Be passionate and share the #50FF campaign with the world. We have a great selection of stories and videos for you to post, from animated shorts to celebrity voices telling the story of modern-slavery victims. Get your friends to do the same. Watch the 50FF playlist on Youtube.


When they think of slavery, most people think of victims working in chains. That’s an outdated perception which you can help to change by talking about modern slavery with the people around you. Learning the facts can help you become a more effective advocate.


Set an example for others to follow. If you hire people, pay them a decent wage and make sure they have a formal contract. Don’t shop at stores that you know sell products made with questionable labour practices. If you aren’t sure, ask. Even if the businesses don’t know where their products come from, just asking them lets them know that customers care.


Support a grass-roots organisation fighting modern slavery in your community. There are many different ways for you to help, from volunteering to making a donation.


Modern slavery happens everywhere. Learn how to recognize it if you see it and know where to go for help. Here is a list of hotlines that you can call to report cases of suspected trafficking.


Create some noise about modern slavery by planning an event that will grab people’s attention and get them talking. If you need inspiration here are some ideas: set up a street flash mob; stage a poetry slam; organize an artwork (cartoon, photo, etc.) contest or a sport competition; record a video; set up a concert with local artists to raise funds; write a mini theater play. Need inspiration? Watch this video made during the 2014 World Cup to raise awareness about child labour.


Write an email or send a letter to your local government representatives. Tell them that you support the Forced Labour Protocol and explain why you think your government should ratify it. Let them know that ending modern slavery is important to you and that you want to see concrete action. Even one message from a concerned supporter sends policy makers a powerful message that citizens care.

Get on Twitter to tell us about the change you are making by using the hashtag #50FF. Need inspiration? Check out @ILO_EndSlavery.