Poland renews its commitment to combat all forms of forced labour

March 22, 2017

The ratification of the Forced labour Protocol is gathering pace, with three new ratifications since January 2017.


Poland is the thirteenth country to ratify the Forced Labour Protocol, and the eighth European Union member state to do so.

It has been engaged in combatting trafficking in persons for a long time, with the introduction of a programme to prevent and combat trafficking in persons in 2003, and the creation, in 2004, of an anti-trafficking task force.

Poland has also regularly strengthened its legal framework, among other things through the adoption in 2010 of amendments to the Penal Code, which introduced the definitions of slavery and of trafficking in human beings and provided for penalties of imprisonment.

Following the adoption of the Act on Foreigners in 2013, victims of trafficking can benefit from a reflection period and residence permits when they are foreigners. Assistance to victims of trafficking is granted through the National Consulting and Intervention Centre for Victims of Trafficking (KCIK).