Mozambique commits to fight modern slavery

July 26, 2018

Mozambique has ratified the Forced Labour Protocol, thereby committing to take effective measures to prevent forced labour, protect the victims and guarantee that they have access to justice.


Mozambique is the twenty-fifth country to ratify the Forced Labour Protocol, which was adopted by an overwhelming majority of the world’s governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations in 2014.

The ratification will bolster Mozambique’s anti-forced labour efforts. In 2008, the country adopted legislation on trafficking in persons, in particular women and children. The legislation stipulates a comprehensive and integrated approach, involving prevention and judicial action, but also the protection and reintegration of the victims. It also stipulates training for those tasked with its application and the creation of appropriate mechanisms and institutions to fight human trafficking.

In addition, cross-sectoral discussions are currently being conducted with a view to the adoption of a national plan to fight and prevent trafficking in persons.