Wagner Moura gives his voice to the voiceless

September 1, 2015

Award-winning actor and ILO Goodwill Ambassador Wagner Moura lends his voice to Joamar Silva, a young man who started cutting sugar cane when he was just ten years old, and has never known any other life. Listen to his story and sign up to end modern slavery.

Photo: Actor Wagner Moura


Growing up in rural Brazil, Moura, saw first hand how poverty forced people to work in harsh, exploitative conditions. These memories inspired him, alongside his acting, career, to work as a human rights activist, fighting to end modern slavery.

He’s been collaborating with the International Labour Organization since 2013, when he supported its campaign against child labour. As a Goodwill ambassador, Moura will raise awareness about forced labour, helping to get the message across that change can happen.